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Cooing Birds for Sale in Chennai

Slide open the doors of Mufasa Pets to be welcomed by gorgeous cooing birds of wide variety fluttering their wings for you! We at Mufasa pets is an avant-garde pet shop that deals with the sale of exotic, tamed and healthy birds in Chennai.

Now, let me introduce myself! I’m Kirean. S, a passionate bird lover and a professional bird trainer who is also the founder of Mufasa Pets. Just like each one of you, I also have an instant liking for the feathery beauties and love to spend every moment watching in utter fascination as the winged charms nibble on tit-bits, flutter in utter-joy and perch on my hand. This affection and dedication helped me to become the first ever successful outdoor free flight parrot trainer in India.
As you click through the pages of this website, you will be in for a visual treat that will include galleries of pennate charms, videos of their playful activities, stock updates, and blogs. Be our guest and choose your exotic bird from the wide range of choices here!

Birdies in action

Greater Sulphur Cockatoo / 2018

The Greater Sulphur Cockatoo is a sweet, charming and delightful beauty that will sweep you off your feet with its loving nature. Pamper them with loving touches, small snacks, and some playtime; they will love you even more! They demand attention and loves to interact with people. So, if you would like a feathery partner with whom you can talk and play for hours, then Greater Sulphur Cockatoo is your pick! Watch the elegant beauty in action in this video here!

Pets portico

Pets tale galore

When it comes to pets, we all have that innate emotional connection with these cooing beauties that steals our heart away with their playful, loving and cheerful nature! This is why we at Mufasa Pets offers you trained tame birds that listen to you, interact with you and makes your life colorful and enjoyable. We take utmost care in handling them and ensure that you bring home a healthy, happy and friendly bird that becomes a part of your family within a short time!

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