Common issues you might face with Macaw in Chennai

There are many species of parrots and Macaw parrot is one of them. These are known for their big size and vibrant colors. Usually, Macaw parrot makes us take a second glance due to its royal look and stunning colors. These are social birds to attract spectators and draw attention with their clownish behavior. Though the large beak of the Macaw parrot makes you feel intimidated, these social birds are friendly and affectionate to humans. If you want to grow a Macaw parrot at your home bought from the birds shop in Chennai , then you might research to know the characteristics of these birds, maintenance, and more.
When you take to the internet to research about Macaw parrot, you might come across health issues that these birds might face. Seeing this, the question of common health problems of Macaw might pop up in your mind. If so, then this content could be helpful as it details the common bird beak health problems faced by Macaw parrot.

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Do baby Macaw parrot in Chennai face abnormal beak growth issues?

In some cases, baby birds are prone to develop beak abnormalities irrespective of their species. Likewise, baby Macaw also faces abnormal beak growth or development. Either the lower or upper beak grows too long and this condition is termed scissor beak. Basically, it is caused due to a lateral deviation of the lower and upper beaks and parrot underbite (mandibular prognathism). This is a condition in which the tip of the rhinotheca will rest on the interior of the gnatotheca. It is a condition caused by genetics. Also, nutritional deficiencies that happen during development can also result in this condition.
Usually, the beak growth and development abnormalities faced by baby Macaw in Chennai can be resolved with dental appliances that function like human braces. These appliances will straighten the beaks also rectify the bites.
Does Macaw parrot in Chennai get affected by cancer?
If you thought only humans get cancer, then you are wrong. Well, even animals and birds get affected by cancer and the Macaw parrot is not let alone. Birds develop cancer usually on the beak, especially melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. This can be seen by discoloration, erosion, and masses on their beak. If these cancer-related symptoms are spotted at the early stages, then the tumors can be treated by removing it surgically.
But cancer is not the only issue affecting the birds’ beaks. It is common for even baby Macaw parrots or any birds to fight with other birds and injure their beaks. The other reasons that affect the beaks include falling on hard floors or ground, flying into ceiling fans or windows, chewing electric cords, getting trapped between cage grills, etc. Depending on the intensity of these injuries, the beak can be affected ranging from wounds to fractures. Whatever be the injury, the baby Macaw is sure to be in trauma and will need immediate treatment from a qualified veterinarian in Chennai.

What are other issues faced by Macaw parrot in Chennai?

Like any other birds, Macaw parrot also faces some common diseases and infections. Due to the lack of poor nutrition or excess fat consumption, these birds could suffer from liver diseases. This will be indicated by overgrown as well as scaly beaks. If the bird suffers from vitamin D or calcium deficiency, then the baby Macaw might develop soft and rubbery beaks. This is common in smaller species like cockatiels. So, the simple solution to avoid these diseases is to follow a proper diet for the baby Macaw. In the initial stages, these symptoms can even be reversed.
Common problems faced by the baby Macaw bird beaks include,
  • Viral
  • Parasitic
  • Bacterial
  • Fungal pathogens
These issues will affect the birds’ beaks or other parts of the body resulting in secondary problems. Some major issues that Macaw parrot might develop include scaly legs, psittacine beak, face mites, avian pox, and feature diseases. Fungal and bacterial diseases are successfully treated with antifungal or antibiotic medications. It is important to carefully observe these symptoms and take quick action. If you notice a strange aspect on your bird’s beak, then you should contact a good veterinarian in Chennai to get the issue resolved immediately and ensure the good health of your Macaw parrot.