How To Keep A Macaw In Chennai As A Pet?

The blue and gold long tail feathers and the gorgeously large beak are not the only things that make a macaw parrot exotic. Did you know they are sexually monomorphic? It means that you cannot tell if a macaw if male or female just by looking at it. Only a DNA test done by a veterinarian can determine their gender! These iconic are indeed a miracle to withhold.
While the striking birds are indeed beautiful, it is not easy to keep them as pets. They not only necessitate a big living quarter but also require a long time to earn their trust. But once you have crossed that road, macaw parrots are the most affectionate and loyal pets ever! If you have been thinking of a getting a baby macaw from birds pet shop in Chennai, this writeup is just for you. We discuss the enclosure they require, the food they need and the playtime necessary for their well-being.

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How Big Should A Macaw Parrot Cage Be?

One look at a macaw and you know they are big birds. A small cage will cram them. Every time they move around, there will be a risk of their feather hitting the sides of the enclosure. Therefore, it is mandatory to purchase a cage or living quarter that has sufficient dimensions. The best ones are:
  • 65 inches in width
  • 30 inches in depth
  • 75 inches in height
The enclosure should be made of heavy gauge wire. Space will give them room to play and practice, and the thick wire will ensure strength. Some more tips for macaw enclosures are:
  • Leave the top of the macaw parrot cage open. It will give the birds a measure of freedom. Plus, they will interact with you more and become better pets.
  • During night time, cover the entire living quarters with a sheet. If you have one, then utilise a cage cover. The covering offers two benefits:
    • It decreases visual stress.
    • It makes sure that there are no air drafts.
What Does A Pet Macaw Eat?
The second step to raising a macaw as a pet in Chennai is food. The correct feed is vital for the well-being of these colourful birds. Here are some tips for macaw food:
  • Use quality nuts and seeds. Just ensure that the seeds don’t become a replacement for pellets.
  • Offer fresh vegetables or fruits daily, such as:
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Beans
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Carrot
  • Never leave food in the enclosure for an extended time. Rotten food is full of bacteria, and if the macaw consumes it, they will fall ill!
  • Do not feed the macaw birds the following:
  • Lettuce
  • Avocado
  • Apple seeds
  • Change their water daily.
To keep the macaw healthy in the first year, give them a calcium supplement three times every week. Later on, include vitamin supplements in their water. This can be given two times in seven days. Also, every three months give the macaw a bird wormer.

What Activities Does A Pet Macaw Need?

A healthy pet macaw is one that leads an enriched life. Enrichment comes from imitating activities they would perform in nature, such as foraging for food. Every bird has an inherent instinct to look for food. This instinct stimulates not only their body but also their mind. Captive birds rarely have to forage for their food. Therefore, they do not get the necessary exercise.
An excellent way to guarantee that your pet macaw parrot is active is to use foraging toys. Currently, it is easy to buy such toys in Chennai. A few will do because you can change their position in the enclosure to create new landscapes for the macaw. The best foraging toys are natural branches. Try to include varying lengths. Different shaped branches with changing thickness would be even better. The branches will allow the macaw to:
  • Exercise their feet by striping the bark
  • Exercise their beak by chewing the bark
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