Reasons why Macaw in Chennai have flaky beaks

A beak is a tool for the Macaw bird just like a hand or feet. Macaw parrot uses its beak for various reasons such as to grasp the objects, to crack nuts and seeds, to tear and shred the material for nesting and enlarging its nest hole. Macaw bird uses its beak for climbing. Macaw’s beak is not only a part of its body, but it also plays an important role in their daily life. One of the major factors for the Macaw’s beak shape is by how and what they eat. Like our nails, the Macaw’s beak is made of keratin. The Macaw’s beak continues to keep growing throughout their lifetime and needs to wear off.
Flaky beak in Macaw is a common sign, it is normal and natural. There is always growth in the beak tissue under the existing beak. The keratin becomes flaky and new keratin will develop. But the Macaw bird will hurry the peeling process by rubbing its beak against hard surfaces. Due to the Macaw’s daily activities in Chennai, the beak will be worn down to manageable size. The Macaw parrot keeps its beak worn off by chewing on various textures of toys.

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How does the cuttlebone work on Macaws in Chennai?

The main cause of the flaky beaks is a Vitamin A deficiency. This issue can be remedied by providing a variety of fresh foods and high-quality pellet supplements. A healthy diet is the best way to keep the Macaw’s beak normal and healthy. The best tip is to give a piece of cuttlebone to Macaws for its beak grinding. The cuttlebone is not only for the intake of calcium but also to prevent the Macaw’s beak from overgrowing.
Sprouts, chop and fresh vegetables can also help. If the symptoms such as abnormal grooves or beak pieces flaking off, then the Macaw parrot has to be taken to the vet immediately. They will diagnose the problem and help your Macaw bird to be healthy. To stay away from the beak problem, offer the Macaw parrot in Chennai with cuttlebones and lots of chew toys to exercise and grind the beaks.

How to keep your baby Macaw healthy in Chennai?

Macaw parrot in Chennai is loud, social and large birds that make excellent pets. It is important to spend some time caring and bonding to keep the Macaw healthy. Give the baby Macaw pellet parrot feed which contains all proper nutrients. In baby Macaw’s diet, 80% should consist of pellets and 20% of veggies and fruits. Feed the Macaws fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, carrots, zucchini, and cucumbers and fruits such as apples, bananas, mangoes, berries, plums, oranges, grapes, papayas, and cherries. The baby Macaw will benefit from additional supplements and treats such as nuts, pecans, almonds, walnuts, and meat. The Macaw can also be given small amounts of cooked turkey or chicken.
Give the baby Macaw clean, fresh and chlorine-free drinking water daily. The water dish must be cleaned every day. Foods such as chocolate, avocados, and caffeine are toxic and lead to severe medical problems. As Macaws in Chennai are social, they require interaction with the owners. A lack of interaction leads to mental and physical suffering. Let the Macaw be out of the cage frequently because they need to move freely and stretch the wings.
Give a bathe to Macaw using a gentle hose or spray bottle. This helps to remove bacteria, dirt, and dust. It also helps to prevent respiratory issues and allergies and hence improves the overall health. To prevent the Macaw from escaping, you can have flight feathers clipped. Keep Macaw’s claws short to avoid damage to your home. Give the baby Macaw toys to keep their beaks short.
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