Tips to raise a healthy Macaw in Chennai

Healthy Macaw birds are social, huge and extraordinary noisy. Macaw parrot is colorful with big beaks and long-tail feathers. Due to the vibrant colors and big size of the Macaw, they are over-look. Although the Macaw’s large beaks can intimidating, a socialized Macaw can be an affectionate and friendly companion. Macaws are also called as the giants of the parrot world. The longest parrot is the Hyacinth Macaw with is nearly 40 inches of length. Macaw adaptations include powerful beaks, large and curved designed to crack the seeds and nuts.
Macaw parrot from birds shop in Chennai has a streamlined physique, long and colorful feathers which range from Hyacinth Macaw blue color to Scarlet Macaw red color. Macaws are native to the southern part of North, Central and South America. Macaws inhabit grasslands, rainforest, and grassy woodland. A Macaw parrot in Chennai requires a tall cage to prevent the feathers from hitting the bottom of the cage. Macaws in Chennai feed on fruits, native seeds, flowers figs, nectar, leaves, and palm nuts.

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What are the uses of the Macaw’s beak?

Macaw’s beak plays an important role in its life. It acts as a primary defense mechanism. Of course, the Macaw’s beak is used for eating and most of the parrots are having strong beak which can crack the nuts and open seeds. Feeding chicks, preening and vocalizing are the uses of the Macaw’s beak. Macaws use their beak for climbing. With the help of beak and feet, the Macaws can navigate the environment with agility and confidence. For the Macaw’s survival, it needs to keep the beak in good shape.
Macaw parrot is known as hook-bill because of the curved shape of the beak. Macaws have a wide and short beak along with a curved upper mandible. The mandibles are made out of bone with a hard keratin shell. An overgrown mandible hurts the Macaws to move and eat normally. Overgrown beaks in Macaws are not a problem for the natural environment. The daily activities of the Macaws are sufficient in keeping the beak trimmed and in shape. Climbing and eating will help the Macaw’s beak from overgrowth.
What are the causes for the Macaw’s beak to become overgrown?
Certain factors that cause the baby Macaw’s beak to become overgrown
  • Trauma
  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Lack of light exposure
  • Liver disease
  • Genetics
  • Long-lived
Sometimes, an injury to the beak causes abnormal growth. Deficiencies in Vitamins B2 and A can also lead to beak abnormality. Due to the lack of light, there will be a defect in upper beak development resulting in Vitamin D3 deficiency. When the Macaws are on an all-seed diet, it leads to fatty liver diseases. Symptoms seen are abnormal growth and soft areas on the beak. Some baby Macaws are born genetically predisposed, resulting in abnormal beak growth.

How to control the growth of Macaw’s beak?

When you notice the Macaw’s beak becoming overgrown, there are some steps to take to help alleviate the problem. If the Macaw is on a seed-based diet, move to a pellet-based diet with fresh foods. There are so many parrot lights designed especially for the Macaw parrot to deliver sufficient light spectrum to keep healthy. Install one over Macaw’s cage and it will improve the Macaw’s health in several ways. The two commonly used beak conditioners are lava rock and cuttlebone. Natural wood perches are excellent for beak grooming. Lots of chew toys made of wood are available in the Chennai market. Despite all your efforts to control the Macaw’s overgrown beak, you may have to undergo trimming.
The first step is to take your Macaw parrot to an avian vet. An examination will be conducted to know the causes of the overgrowth. The vet will know how a normal beak will look and performs trimming. Extra care should be taken while trimming as it results in bleeding and severe pain. The beak of Macaws can be trimmed with an emery board or motorized Dremel drill. It is better to avoid nail clippers as it leads to cracked beak. Beak trimming for Macaws is a very stressful procedure to undergo. The best method to deal with overgrown Macaw beak is to find causes and make necessary changes. In Chennai, Macaw birds which are healthy, beautiful, fun creating and lovely are for sale. The Macaw parrot price in Chennai depends on the Macaw color and the breed and Mufasa pets will help you get the best deal.