Where To Find The Best Species of Cockatiel in Chennai?

All pet owners want their pets to stay healthy and happy. Before bringing a pet to your home, you need to consider the factors that will keep your pets in a decent condition. Moreover, every pet has different demands. For example, birds have needs and requirements that differ from other types of domestic animals.
If you have decided to pet a bird, then owning cockatiel birds will be the best decision. Buy a baby cockatiel from the best birds shop in Chennai. Cockatiels are also popular as America’s favourite pet bird. The unique personality and friendliness of these species make them the ultimate choice for many bird lovers.

Other Popular Cockatiels In The Family

Inquisitive, Playful And Curious Little Friends For Life

Are you putting effort?

Regardless of the pet, you have, caring for them is an essential part of strengthening the bond. In the case of cockatiels, the best way to pamper them is by treating them with delicious foods. Also, if you want to make your tamed cockatiel birds learn some cool manoeuvres, offering them treats is an excellent way to encourage them and show how special they are for you.
Spending an hour or two with your birds every day is essential. You can hold them and play with them, which will make them feel comfortable. Place some toys inside the cage so that they never feel alone. Keeping your bird happy is one of the significant responsibilities of pet owners.
Give them some space
Cockatiel birds take some time to adjust to a new environment. You should allow them to settle in their new home for a couple of days before you start playing or holding them. When your bird starts feeling comfortable in its cage, schedule a vet visit to check if there are any symptoms of distress or illness. You need to be careful when handling these pets.
As long as your pet bird is not familiar with you be cautious because it may bite or scratch your skin. Your pet may also carry fungal, viral, bacterial or parasitic diseases which are contagious to human. Hence, do not forget to wash your hand with soap and warm water after touching your bird or its habitat.
What is their favourite food?
The origin of most cockatiel chicks is the Australian dry areas or wetlands. Hence, they always want water near them. Make sure that your pet bird always has free access to clean water. Feeding your pet is also one of the essential parts to keep them healthy. You can buy food for your Cockatiel that is available on online platforms. Or else, you must provide them with the food that is highly nutritious and rich in carbohydrates, minerals, protein, and vitamins.
Research before choosing
Are you feeding your bird the right kind of food? Being a bird owner, you should be aware of the food that is safe for your Cockatiel and also their favourite dishes. You need to learn the various ways by which you can make their food nutritious, unique as well as tasty. Before buying random bird food, you should know what your Cockatiel’s nutrition needs are.
Cockatiel birds are a species of parrot that is exceptionally adorable because of their social and intelligent personality. Providing them with proper nourishment is essential for their growth and enhancing their learning capacity. If you offer them an inappropriate diet, it can lead to serious health problems. This species of birds require a balanced amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fats in their food.

What to avoid?

The food that you feed the bird must also contain vegetables and fruits. Hence, choosing a product that provides the perfect amount of nutrients according to your Cockatiel’s needs is crucial. Never offer any food product to your Cockatiel that has artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Such items can be dangerous for the health of your pet birds. When it comes to your favourite pet, you will not want to compromise on the quality of the product that you feed them. Among the wide variety, you will surely find products that are of superior quality and suits your budget as well.
Are You Providing Them with The Right Nutrients?
You must have known that cockatiel chicks love a variety of food items. Besides, vegetables, fruits, and other products, pellets and seeds should always be a part of your Cockatiel’s regular diet. But, before feeding them the seeds, do not forget to remove empty seed hulls. Offering them fruits such as melons, apple and banana will be beneficial.