Different personality traits in Cockatiel birds

The Cockatiel bird is a unique member of the Cockatoo family. The Cockatiel bird has a slender body, small in size but has a long pointed tail. The Cockatiel has more characteristics of the smaller parrots. The Cockatiel bird plumage is gray with lighter below, orange cheeks, white wing patch, and a pointed chest. The male Cockatiels are identified by the bright color face, forehead and crest. Cockatiels have unusual personalities that can be read by their facial expressions. Cockatiels are the second popular cage bird and not seen naturally in another country.
Cockatiels are widespread in the entire mainland Australia. Cockatiel lifespan is generally 15-20 years. The Cockatiels are found in small flocks or pairs usually near water. The Cockatiels are strongly nomadic and move around for the availability of water and food. Cockatiels feed on berries, nuts, grains and different kinds of grass seeds. The Cockatiels feed on the trees or in-ground. The Cockatiels roost in trees usually near water. The tamed Cockatiel is considered as the most popular companion bird in Chennai.

Other Popular Cockatiels In The Family

Inquisitive, Playful And Curious Little Friends For Life

Unique personality traits in Cockatiel birds

Cockatiels are small little birds earned a nickname as a favorite pet bird because of the personality, disposition and peculiar behaviors. Both the tamed Cockatiel tends to bond with humans. There is a battle between male and female Cockatiels when it comes to personality traits. The unique personality features of the Chennai Cockatiels are
  • Noise
  • Attention seekers
  • Season of love
The Cockatiels are purely companion birds who want to be part of your family and love to interact with humans. Male Cockatiels are much noisier when compared to female Cockatiels. Male Cockatiels can make constant whistles, and learn words. The female Cockatiels talk to other birds and shouts when you leave the room. The female Cockatiels are much quieter than the male Cockatiels. The female Cockatiels are more docile and sweeter whereas the male Cockatiels tend to seek attention. The female Cockatiels get hormonal at the time of the breeding season.
These extreme differences in the Cockatiels help you to make a better decision for your home. If you are living in an apartment in Chennai, female Cockatiels can keep the neighbors off your back. If you are alone, working at home and want someone to talk, sing and play with, then male Cockatiels is the best choice.

Five facts about the tamed Cockatiels

Tamed Cockatiel in Chennai makes great pets for your home. Cockatiels are very social and love to spend time with humans. The Cockatiels can recognize their owners and respond to their voices. Cockatiels are extremely smart and can be taught to do tricks and talk. Cockatiels can sing and dance. Cockatiels can live for many years when they are provided with proper nutrition and medical care. It is reported that the oldest Cockatiel is lived for 30 years old. Because of the longevity of the Cockatiels, most people find them attractive as pets in Chennai.
Birds pet shop in Chennai provides Cockatiels  in various colors and a variety of feather patterns. Most people imagine Cockatiel as a typical gray and white feathered bird along with orange check patches and yellow head. These attractive Cockatiels not only have varied color feather but also varied skin and eye colors. Just as cats and dogs, Cockatiels also require preventive medical care. As the Cockatiels get older, they are subject to develop many conditions such as arthritis, kidney failure, and atherosclerosis. Many of these conditions can be treated and prevented at the early stages through diagnostic testing like X-ray and blood analysis. For the Cockatiels to stay healthy and happy, feed the Cockatiels with proper nutrients along with proteins and calcium and should be screened yearly for any disease.