Food habits of cockatiel birds you should know

Cockatiels are the smallest and most popular species of parrot. Cockatiel is a pet and it is a mainland Australian bird. The total size of Cockatiels is between 30 to 33 Cm. The average life span of a cockatiel bird is between 10 to 14 years. Some Cockatiel birds live for 20 years and even beyond that. Cockatiel bird are of different color. In young stage, both male and female cockatiel birds look alike but they become different when they grow up and are easy to identify male and female cockatiel bird. The feathers on the face that extend till crest are in yellow for the male cockatiel bird. The cheeks are in orange color for both male and female but it will darker for the male cockatiel bird. These are some of the difference between male and female cockatiel bird that you can identify from the pet shops in Chennai.
Tamed cockatiel birds are intelligent and they do various activities when they are trained. Some of the activities of cockatiel birds are that these birds enjoy singing and head-bobbing dance. These birds also whistle to the trained song, do handshakes and fly according to your command.
Cockatiels can be kept both in indoor and outdoor. It can be grown in a large wire cage. For the base of the cage, you can use a plastic sheet. Always grow cockatiel bird in group or pair because it is a social bird and need some company. Cockatiel birds need human interaction with them. So leave the bird outside its cage for a few minutes and train them with some exercise. Avoid decaying food from its place. Keep the cages very clean. Regularly clean the cage and all its things. Practicing all the above things regularly will kill bacteria and protect the cockatiel bird from diseases.

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Tamed cockatiels will be trained with food

For keeping cockatiel healthy and fit feed them with proper food and follow a healthy diet in addition to the training. They usually eat seeds, dry nuts, berries, and vegetables in Australia which is their native place. In Chennai, they feed cockatiels with different types of grasses and also a variety of seeds. They also feed fruits for the cockatiel bird. Don’t feed cockatiel with human food but in rare cases, it is considered fine.
Seeds and pellets are the common diet for two-third of the cockatiel bird and fruits should be the rest of their diet. This food diet will keep cockatiel healthy and fit. Most of the cockatiel owners feed their bird with seed. Since seeds are natural and healthy. But seeds will not provide calcium and vitamins to the bird. So with only seeds, they will not get a full proper diet. Pellets are the bird’s food, which provides them all the needed calcium and minerals for their growth. For this reason, most of the cockatiel owners feed their pet with pellets.
Initially, it will be difficult to the change the cockatiels food from seed to pellets, but with expert advice bird owners can change their diet. The newborn chick will adapt easily to the pellets. Apple, Apricot, Banana, Blackberries, cherries, coconut, dates, figs, grape, kiwi, mango and melon are some of the fruits which cockatiels eat. Some of the vegetables which can be added to cockatiels diet are beans, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, peas, potatoes, pumpkin and spinach in Chennai.

Tips to consider while giving food to tamed Cockatiels

For a healthy and nutritious meal, feed Cockatiels with sprouting seeds. When they are not kept in captivity they eat live foods like freshly harvested nuts, fruits, legume, flowers, and seeds. But when the cockatiels are caged they eat processed foods which are not fresh. Sprouting seeds can be used as a live food. Fats are burnt in this seeds and they turn into a nutritious and a live food. During winter there will be a shortage of vegetables at that situation you can use sprouting seeds as live food.
Cockatiels should be fed twice in a day both morning and evening. 1.5 to 2 tablespoon of seed or pellets will be their daily food. In addition to the diet, water and hygiene are also important. Both tap water and spring water can be given to the cockatiel bird. Water bowls should be changed regularly to reduce the bacteria level in the cage. Ensure that cockatiels get a balanced diet and are free from bacteria. This will keep your cockatiel healthy and fit.