Having a Cockatiel in Chennai: how to teach your pet how to talk?

Many of us per-lovers dream about having a pet that can talk. Apart from a few select species of birds, however, pets can only communicate in their language. Therefore, if you would like a pet who can talk, you need to consider buying a particular species of parrot that’s called Cockatiel.
About cockatiels in short
Cockatiel birds are mainly called parrots. But this is not entirely true. Cockatiels have their own specific family called cockatoo. These intelligent birds originate from Australia. They are some of the most popular when it comes to someone wanting to get a fun pet to be around. Especially when it comes to one which tends to talk. Cockatiels love the company as they live in large groups in their natural habitat. They are lively, intelligent and need their space to fly from time to time. Cockatiels generally live up to around 25 years when held in right conditions and are on a rich nutritious diet. Here are the points to note when you decide to   pet a cockatiel from a birds pet shop in Chennai.
What you need to keep in mind 
  • This task requires a lot of patience: many people tend to buy pets for their kids. But what’s important to know is that kids tend to be somewhat impatient, especially when they are very young. This way, their presence, and reactions may rather dissuade and scare the Cockatiel from ever understanding what they want from them. Even if the Cockatiel is your kids’ pet, remind them never to bother them, wanting to force them to talk in any manner and most importantly don’t let them try to teach them to talk alone.
  • Don’t take it so seriously: if your pet is happy and, in a calm, relaxed home, they will eventually start talking on their own anyways. This happens especially when there are some simple words; you keep on telling them.
  • A cockatiel is a brilliant animal with an intelligence that matches the intelligence of dogs and cats. They will understand and learn a lot from you and about your way of life.
    Always have the time and the patience to spend some relaxed time with your pet, no matter it’s a cockatiel or any other pet.
  • Tamed cockatiel birds have a more significant tendency to talk.
  • Do not ever get a cockatiel only and exclusively for their potential of being able to speak. That’s simply bad. This is not a circus. Only get a pet you can love, care for and live with. Only get any bird, if you can let them fly around from time to time.
  • If you get Cockatiel in pair, they will likely never talk as they have their companion to chat with.
  • Cockatiel chicks will be keener to talk after a while when handled with much love and care.
  • Cockatiels are intelligent enough to connect the words with your actions. They will, with time, understand the words you say and know what you are referring to.

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A few tricks to make your Cockatiel start talking

  • According to studies and past experiences of cockatiel owners, those with higher-pitched voices have more luck in teaching their cockatiels to talk. This may have a connection with their voice being high pitched.
  • Teach your Cockatiel every day, but don’t ever push it.
  • Don’t ever get impatient. They must be their beloved pet anyway. Don’t make them feel bad even if they don’t talk just yet.
  • It’s nice to start and repetitively say short words to them which make sense. Like you would teach a baby how to talk.
  • Greet them appropriately when leaving and when arriving. As for them how they are, speak to them just like you talk to a kid. They will be very appreciative of that, and this will also persuade them trying to speak to you in your language.
When you give food to them, always remind them a few minutes before. Say “food is coming!” or “dinner is coming”
Award them with some extra speciality they love to eat if they manage to say a word or learn a new word.
Remember, the Cockatiel is to be your pet, your companion and a dear family member. And although it is great if they talk to you, it should never be an expectation.