Raising your Cockatiel in Chennai: typical symptoms of illness and their prevention

Cockatiel, this beautiful parrot with Australian origins is one of the most popular types of parrots to keep as a pet. They are fun, intelligent, and a great companion to spend time with. On top of that, they have the ability to talk, when treated with love and patience. However, as durable as they are, they can also have some diseases. You need to get prepared for these diseases. Therefore here is a list which includes some of the common conditions, their reasons, signs, symptoms and treatment options.
It’s important that as soon as you purchase a cockatiel that you find a veterinarian doctor who has specialization in parrots. Not all vets have this specialization. But when your cockatiel bird is sick, they will need immediate treatment. Cockatiel chicks also need extra care, especially when it comes to proper nutrition, food and vitamins. This is the key for your pet not to fall ill. Another essential factor is that you make time to spend with your cockatiel bird.

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Before you purchase a cockatiel bird in Chennai always be sure, you have proper time and dedication to care for it.
Another important note! Cockatiels conceal their illness for as long as they can. This means, when you see them visibly not feeling well, you must immediately take them to an aviary veterinarian doctor. It means their illness is severe, so don’t wait around.
The key symptoms of cockatiels being ill: any of these symptoms show up, you must take your Cockatiel to the vet immediately.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Not moving around
  • Not talking or chirping
  • They look tired
  • They don’t drink or drink way more than they should
  • They lose weight
  • Their beaks are discoloured
  • They droop their head
  • They start losing their feathers, or they start overplucking their feathers
  • They look disoriented; they don’t act like they usually do.
  • They don’t sleep like they generally do.
  • They tuck their head under their wing or sleep with eyes half-open.
  • Bleeding
  • Swollen eyes
  • Feathers looking abnormal
  • Respiration issues and vomiting
Cockatiels are small birds; if they cannot eat or don’t eat because of illness, this can seriously affect them within a matter of a few days only. Some cockatiels are being overbred and therefore have genetic problems. Bleeding and bruises can be the signs of this, but a vet will be able to confirm this to you very quickly. Tame cockatiel birds can easily inherit this.

How to take proper care for your bird

When it comes to any illness, the best action is always prevention. Here are some tips to prevent your bird from falling ill. If you care for your pet bird, it will be much less likely to fall ill. Giving your bird vitamins is always very important. Vitamins must be specifically for Cockatiel. Learn about what food they like and what food contains enough vitamins for them to eat.
All parrots love cuttlebone. This derives from squids, and it’s not only great for chewing, but it also provides a good calcium and mineral base for your Cockatiel. There are other parrot and cockatiel vitamins available in a snack like a format. This way, they can chew on them on a daily basis.
Always make sure the water and food are fresh in the cage.
Avoid any damages and ensure the cage is large enough for your bird to move and fly around. Always clean the cage on a daily basis as rotten remains and guano can cause bacterial infection, fungi or other worse illnesses. Spend time with your Cockatiel, treat him or her fine let it be your real companion. This way, they won’t get depressed and sad.
Also, allow them to fly around frequently. This way, their flying skill will not be lost, and they will be in a much better condition. Put in a larger can of water, to allow your bird to take a bath. Clean the cage afterwards. Don’t let them take a bath when it’s windy or cold outside to avoid them catching a cold. Remember your Cockatiel needs time, care and lots of love. This is all that a pet needs, to be a happy and healthy family member. Visit Mufasa Pets, the best birds pet shop in Chennai to get your dream cockatiel pet.