Factors To Consider When Buying Cockatiel In Chennai

The popularity of owning pets is increasing significantly. However, having a pet means an increase in responsibility. Every pet lover will agree that training their pets requires a lot of time and patience. Among the variety of pets, many people would like to have cockatiel birds because of their excellent ability to mimic. These birds are extremely friendly and are easy to tame. They love human attention. Birds like Cockatiel and parrots require a substantial period before they start speaking.

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Inquisitive, Playful And Curious Little Friends For Life

Time And Patience Are The Chief Requirements

If you happen to be a pet lover, you would want the world to how unique your pets are to you. Many of you may also love to showcase their talents and tricks to impress your guests, relatives, and friends. But, teaching the birds, some of the neat tricks can be intimidating. It might seem difficult in the first place, but if you have the patience, then you can easily make your birds learn gestures and other behaviours to amuse people of all ages. The only mantra behind your bird’s success is practice, patience and time. You can also buy a tame cockatiel from a  popular birds pet shop in Chennai.
Are you disappointed?
If you have already bought a cockatiel and it has not learned anything yet, then do not get disappointed. The process of learning in the case of birds is not based on days or hours; instead, it may take a couple of months to become comfortable in a new environment. However, if you are thinking about getting a cockatiel bird to your home, then you need to consider some essential factors. When you go to buy this bird, make sure that you opt for tamed cockatiel birds which are hand-raised. You will want a friendly bird that can mimic as well as perch on your finger.
Is your bird healthy?
While buying cockatiel chicks, you also need to check whether or not the bird is healthy. You need to confirm that the feathers are in good condition and also check if the bird is discharging liquids from the nostrils. When you see the bird climbs on your finger and can sit over it for a considerable time, you can go for it. But, if any of these symptoms are missing in the bird, you should understand that it is not healthy. A cockatiel has a lifetime of 20-25 years. Hence, this pet can be a lifetime companion. To get the best value of your money, you should visit as many sellers and breeders as you can before buying a pet for yourself.
Why are they popular?
Cockatiel birds are considered as one of the most intelligent birds which contribute to their popularity. As they have intellectual properties, they are excellent learners of tricks and mimicry. The best way to make a cockatiel learn various tricks is to strengthen the behaviours that are already present in them. With every improvement that your pet bird makes, you can encourage them to go a little beyond their abilities. If you need a healthy cockatiel bird, visit the best place for cockatiel birds sale in Chennai.
Who doesn’t like praises?
During the training sessions, make sure that your pet and you are in a quiet place. It is one of the significant factors that you need to keep in mind if you want your bird to learn as quickly as possible. Loud noises can distract or even frighten them. Also, do not continue the training period for a longer time. If you want to retain your bird’s attention, then you must train it for at least ten minutes regularly. Praising it or rewarding it with its favourite food product can be an ideal way to encourage the bird towards improvement.
Has your bird learned the step-up trick?
The step-up command is the primary stage of the learning process. This is a trick with which you should start your training process. The step-up trick is the initial training given to every bird, and your bird should be well-accustomed with it. If your pet bird learns this step, you will be able to make it learn some advanced manoeuvres.
The step-up command will also help when you want to clean the cage, vet visits, feeding, and other important aspects as a bird owner. Another adorable manner that your bird must be familiar with is ‘how to wave a hello’. It is one of the quickest and easiest tricks to teach. If you keep some delicious treats near it during the sessions, it can be a great encouragement for your bird’s success.