Five ways to play with your pet Cockatiel birds

Cockatiel birds are originated from Australia and are related to cockatoos. Cockatiels are also called Miniature cockatoo, Quarrion or Weero. Cockatiel bird is the second common bird kept as a pet. Tamed Cockatiels are the most popular as a companion and household pets throughout the world. Cockatiel bird is usually bold. Because the Cockatiels are comical, cuddly and outgoing, they are considered as the number one pet in Chennai. Cockatiel bird has a life span of 10 to 25 years. Usually, wild cockatiel lives longer depending on a healthy lifestyle. A male Cockatiel requires a spacious cage to accommodate several perches, food bowl, toys and enough space to flap its wings. A female Cockatiel seeks for a dark and enclosed area such as a cabinet.
Cockatiels have feathers on the head known as the crest. The position of the Cockatiel crest feathers will tell its mood. Cockatiel birds are very good at climbing and use their beak for positioning each time. Cockatiels are available in different colors. Gray color Cockatiels are considered to be original but yellow color Cockatiel is the most popular among birds pet shop in Chennai. Male Cockatiels have a brighter face and crest and sing louder with more frequency than female Cockatiels. A Cockatiel has long feathers than other birds. Tamed Cockatiels are very social birds and they will get depressed when they are left alone for a long time. Wild Cockatiels are light sleepers and always alert for predators.

Other Popular Cockatiels In The Family

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Different behaviors of the Cockatiel birds

Use your Cockatiel’s natural behaviors to find activities in which you can participate together. Train the Cockatiel to be out of the cage and have fun. Teaching different behaviors is one of the most enjoyable ways to interact with the Cockatiel birds in Chennai. The owner needs to have the patience to repeat and train the Cockatiels as it takes many months for teaching the tricks.
  • Talking Cockatiels
  • Dancing Cockatiels
  • Whistling Cockatiels
Your Cockatiel can talk and imitate whistles. All the Cockatiels are not good talkers, only male Cockatiel birds learn to talk. The more time the owner spends teaching to talk, the Cockatiel will learn more conversation. The best way to teach a Cockatiel bird is through word labels. Cockatiels learn to dance with rhythm and also move your hand for the rhythm of the song. The Cockatiels spread his wings and display the colors on its feathers. Cockatiels are taught to whistle. The tamed Cockatiels are capable to provide their music through whistling.
When you catch Cockatiel in natural behavior it means he’s relaxed and happy. A well-socialized, healthy Cockatiel makes a great family pet and is ideal for living in the apartment. Just like other birds, we can teach Cockatiels many tricks. Some of the tricks which the Cockatiels can do are handshakes, showing the wings, flips, fly on command and many more.

Unique games for the Cockatiels

Cockatiel bird is very intelligent and active to be trained for playing games. Bird games motivate the Cockatiels to be an active and step off their perch. Schedule half an hour every-day to interact with your Cockatiels. Cockatiels love to play fetch with a lightweight, small toy. Once your Cockatiel has mastered to go and pick the toy, motivate your bird to bring it back and offer a treat. Cockatiels in Chennai also enjoy the occasional challenge. Create a bird maze in cardboard or any sturdy material. Start with the brief maze and create more difficult as the Cockatiel makes his way to exit very easily. Always praise your Cockatiel when he completes the maze.
Play a game of hide-and-seek with your pet Cockatiel. Create more challenging by bringing your Cockatiel into an unfamiliar room and hide a few feet away. Give hints by calling out his name, he searches and finds you. When the Cockatiel has fond you, reward your Cockatiel with a tasty dish. Activity mats allow the bird to play and have fun for hours. Create your activity mat using different textures, materials, and shapes from an old towel or blanket. Sew some large buttons, bells, beads or strips of plastic key or leather fabric. Ensure the materials are attached to the blanket. Provide activity mat to your Cockatiel to encourage independent playing and promoting exercise. Pet Cockatiels are available in avian-specific retail shops and large pet shops in Chennai.