Features In DTNEXT Magazine:

The unusual, yet diverse collection of pets from parrots, bearded dragons, iguanas, etc have found their way into many homes in the city. A number of online magazines agree with this point. One such magazine is DTNEXT. The article published features several animal enthusiasts around the city, including our MUFASA PETS PVT LTD. The article primarily speaks about how people have transitioned from the usual pet options in search of new and exciting ones. It also speaks about the trust these beings have in their trainers or owners and their families.


Being a publicly loved concern, MUFASA has been a part of many decorated events. The 44th Annual Industrial Trade Fare that took place in the Island Grounds of Chennai would be one worth mentioning. It was really a treat for the numerous people, especially kids who got to personally touch and play with all our hand raised parrots. The show that went on from January12,2018 to April 12,2018 successfully displayed 27 different variety of parrots and few other reptiles like ball pythons, iguanas, etc.

However, the real show stoppers were our own mates- Zeus (a sulphur crested cockatoo), Theia (a blue-gold macaw), Boomer (a galah cockatoo) and Athena (a green iguana). Fortunately, we avoided showcasing untamed, wild species that tend to get stressed around such large crowds of people. MUFASA’s colourful display of only socialised and tamed birds was covered by many television channels like Chutti Tv, Sun TV, newspapers and the sort. To top it off, we also enjoyed the entire event, along with the public.